Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Project Name Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
Client University College of London
Location London
Project Type University research facility
Project Value £83,000,000.00
Form of Contract NEC Option A
Project Duration 200 weeks
Project Size 14,400 m2
Services Dispute Resolution, Project Controls

To facilitate the monitoring of the construction sequence the following measures were implemented:

  • Asta Powerproject scheduling software used to manage the schedule.
  • Detailed design, procurement, construction, commissioning.
  • Detailed offsite prefabrication schedule produced to monitor the manufacturing timetable.
  • Weekly progress reporting for the whole project.
  • Fully coded schedule developed to enable filter schedules to be produced for all trade contractor packages.
  • Milestone payment schedule produced in coordination with the commercial team.
  • Visual phasing plans produced to coordinate the sequence of construction activities.
The deep basement was constructed using a perimeter secant piled wall. The secant piled wall was propped at a number of levels in line with the progression of the basement excavation. The basement structure and superstructure are formed from an insitu concrete frame. The envelope is glazed in a prefabricated modular system. The bespoke facade was designed and fabricated offsite providing efficiencies with the installation schedule. A modular approach was adopted for the internal services installation to optimise the overall construction delivery schedule. The high levels of offsite prefabrication necessitated a detailed understanding of the construction sequence which was reflected in eth construction schedule. The benefits of the high premanufactured value were reflected in the quality of the product for the end user.

Client and wider community benefits:

  • World class neuroscience research facility forming part of the wider UCL campus.
  • Lecture hall for community lectures and engagement.
  • Award winning façade design adding to the architectural diversity of London.
  • Employment of apprentices during the construction of the new build research facility.
  • Provision of local employment for building estate managerial duties at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre.
  • Innovative development of offsite manufacturing techniques which will be utilised on future construction projects.
  • Low energy use building throughout the lifetime of the research facility.
Dispute resolution services.

Dispute resolution services. During the course of the project there was a requirement to employ dispute resolution techniques to resolve a significant number of time related disputes. The following support was provided to the commercial team:

  • Detailed time-slice analysis to determine the delays associated with specific trade contractors on the project.
  • Production of a detailed narrative to support the construction schedule time-slice studies.
  • Production of detailed as-built programmes for the differing trade contractors to settle time related disputes.
  • Supporting expert determination to resolve time-related disputes.